Monday, December 31, 2012

What A Year.

This past year has been a whirlwind.. Job changes and some adventures.
This blog was to be a reflection of my sewing and journeys with my alter ego's .. unfortunatelythat did not happen. We did go to the SPWF twice and both times were a blast.
This past year saw some sewing .. not really epic but some challenging pieces anyway. I got a mens vistorian shirt done, a steampunk nurses outfit for and some little things.
 I also joined a local group here in my area and have been trying to give back to community. I am branching out  I am growing and have learned some things. My one commitment I want to do  this year is to blog everyday  and to make or continue working on a project everyday , even if it's for an hour. I need to do these things and grow as person, costumer, crafter and wife. One very important thing that is happening in our lives is my Husbands pet project ... Steampunk In Gettysburg, his very own steampunk convention. I will be advertisig on here and promoting as much as possible as he will allow.
  I did a bit of self journeying by joining a womens group and did work through some issues. The women there did help me break through some of my self doubt and self sabotage that I do, do to myslef. UGHH
 So here is to a New Year and continueing forward on this path of creaticity, self discovery, and being a better person and wife.