Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A taste of what is to come

I am starting this blog as we are getting ready for our very first Steampunk con In may. So far I have made a pair of authentic Victorian men's trousers and vest for my Hubby, and a western Victorian walking dress. It has been a hell of a couple of months of working and then sewing. But all in all I am pleased with the results. I am embarking on a steampunk coat and bustier for myself and soon the big project of my hubby"s coat.
Let me explain a little on my sewing journey with my hubby. Hubby is 6ft7in tall and a big man, so everything I have to make for him has to widened and lengthen. In mass produced patterns usually that isn't problem, but with specialized pattern companies it's a big problem. I have tried contacting one of them when I had trouble with a pirate coat , but Never got any response and in the end I figured it out on my own. I am also mostly self taught with a lot of instruction given to me by my grandmother and one sewing class way back in 9th grade. So I really don't know all the great secrets to sewing and tailoring and will ask and look up anything I need. So far through out the years my skills have improved and I hope in the future to be able to take a few specialized classes. For now I keep moving forward and I do my research as needed and incorporate a lot of patience.

This first pic is of my hubby in his new outfit including the pants and vest I mentioned.

This is a pic of my walking dress, I didn't make a petticoat to go underneath, instead I was gifted a wedding petticoat from a person off of a local freecycle site. I love that site I have given away so much  and received some wonderful items in return. Check out a local site in your area.
so for my first post I don't I did to bad, I will talk more of my life and of my past adventures in the coming weeks.